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Whether you’re looking to gain strength or loose weight, Infragilis Fitness Company is the gym for you. From our variety of machines and weights, to the diverse backgrounds of our trainers, you can Become Unbreakable at IFC.

Jon’s passion for training started at a young age.  When most of the boys on his high school sports teams were itching to play, he wanted to hit the weight room!  This love for training became a passion for coaching and teaching.  Having worked with hundreds of individuals over the course of his 20+ year career, he is now able to train, coach, and help people in his own gym!

Jon’s vast experience with “everyday people” to professional athletes from multiple sports has taught him how to be both diverse in his approach to training as well as integrate practices that are applicable to everyone! From general strength and movement work, to rehab/ prehab, to general fitness, he has seen and done it all!

Combine all of the above with a welcoming demeanor (don’t let the tattoos and bald head scare you) and a genuine desire to help people and you have the recipe for your success.  Make no mistake, he’s tough, but there is love in there as well!  That tough love drives his clients to not only reach their goals, but to exceed them!!

What To Expect From IFC

Practical, reliable, and effective. Everything a gym should be.

On-Site Partner Services

Body In Gear

Body in Gear Medical Massage combines elements of physical therapy and kinesiology to improve pain response, strengthen dormant muscle tissue and realign posture, both of which create chronic neuromuscular holding patterns (chronically stiff muscles or area).

This isn’t just fluff and buff anymore, we fight to restore normal bodily function so that you can get back to living a happy life, away from pain for good.”

Active Life Physical Therapy

Active Life is known to provide the highest value physical therapy in the area as each therapy session provided is ONE-TO-ONE with your licensed physical therapist.  We are 100%committed to providing each patient with individualized, research-based physical therapy in a positive, educational environment by experienced clinicians with advanced certifications or specializations.